New Image: Full Color

As I post these in different places online, per mom’s wishes, I have to say that I am floored at the positive response the images are getting. I also get a lot of questions about how these were made. Mom did layers of pastel. Many artists do this on purpose. Mom did not. Part of what this art can do is help people but also raise awareness of how dementia affects people. I mentioned in a post that the layering wasn’t an artistic choice. That’s the irony of it. Many of these paintings have entire different paintings underneath them. Completed works, totally covered over. She’d look at a piece she had finished (the next day) and say “oh this is awful, did I paint this? I have to fix this right now, get the pastels Charlie.” and I’d say “but mom, we already sprayed the fixative on it, you said you loved it…” and she’d look at me “what? I would never say that, you are crazy…get me the pastels.” So a lot of what we are seeing in this images is the result of dementia combined with her visions of heaven. Her forgetfulness combined with her creativity literally created these paintings. At times it was hard to see her cover up a really wonderful painting.

New Image: Red Blossoms

I am calling this one Red Blossoms. This is another one that mom went over numerous times. Because of the dementia she would finish a painting and then see it the next day and say “Look at that…I forgot something”. Then she’d work on it and declare it finished. Then repeat this again. This one probably has 4 layers of work on it from different days. So the benefit of her forgetting was a deeply layered and complex piece of art. As with all of her Angel Paintings work…this was one of the gardens in heaven she was seeing.

New Image: Waiting Family

Just added this to the site. Or…it’ll be there in about 10 minutes after I double check all the settings.

Mom was able to describe this image to me in great detail. I will say that she didn’t love this one in terms of how it looked. But she loved the content. In the white dress is mom’s sister, who preceded her in death. Katie is always in white in mom’s angel paintings and has the blue eyes as well in each instance. On the far left in pink is my grandmother. The big reveal though is the man in brown. Mom specifically painted because she was illustrating what she said that the angels were showing her…or she also painted what she hoped to see. In this case she hoped to see her father. They were not close in life. But she added him here as a way to let him know that she forgave him,

He is brown in color because that was mom’s way of approximating his Army uniform from WWII. Mom didn’t see him from birth until she was about 3.5 years old. He was in the 9th Army for their entire campaign, right in the fight, nearly all the way to Berlin’s front porch. When he came back he was a good provider but a very changed man and didn’t do well at being close with his children. When mom was dying from cancer and struggling with dementia, I got out this huge trove of saved letters that he had written from the front line, to his wife. When mom could still read easily I would have her read some of these out loud. I knew it would help her connect with her dad as a person. So she added her father in to this painting after a lot of reading as she realized that he was excited to have kids…but it was the war that affected him and made him not the man he wanted to be back at home.

So this is her interpretation of her nuclear family waiting to greet her in heaven.

Finally!!! New Images!

It sure took a while. Since I also look after my mom’s husband (my dad) it can be tricky to find time to take images of mom’s art and then do all the post editing in Photoshop, and uploading to this site. And then you have to set all the parameters for the online shopping cart as well. It’s some tricky business.

For nearly two months since this site launched there have only been three images here. I just added three new images today. And I have 14 MORE that are being added today!

Here’s a screenshot of our portfolio page after the three new one’s were added. Enjoy!

Sunny Day=Photos Day

Yesterday the sun finally came out. I swear it’s been a full week since that happened. I have committed to only shooting mom’s art underneath natural sunlight with my Nikon DSLR. So that means I have to wait until conditions are just right. Currently that means about 9 AM on a fully sunny morning.

Yesterday I was able to take hi resolution photos of 12 canvasses! Considering that there are only three of her Angel Paintings on here so far, that’s a huge boost.

I will be editing them all very soon and uploading them as soon as possible. After ordering so many test prints now from Fotomoto’s printer…Bay Photo Lab…I feel confident that the quality of printing is superb.

When I open the packages of test runs I swear that my jaw drops. The quality is that good. It’s really nice to think that people are receiving such great art that meant so much to my mom to create.

In my last post I shared the proof copies of Bountiful Rest and Angel Sisters. In this post I will share just a basic shot of the test prints, held up in a spot of sunlight here at home. Shot with my very average quality cell phone camera…

bothBountiful Rest on the Left…Angel Sisters on the right.

Both of these can be ordered now 🙂

Bountiful Rest & Angel Sisters

Two new prints have been added as of today! They are enabled for purchasing and all set!

Bountiful Rest

This one we are calling Bountiful Rest. Another of the gardens mom said that angels were showing her.

Angel Sisters

This one is of mom and her sister. Her sister preceded her in death by about 3 years and mom imagined this is what a reunion would be like.

Positive Comments!

Hi all. Today and yesterday I was communicating via email with someone who was having troubles ordering mom’s released print of Starlit Fields. I admit the Fotomoto interface can be tricky through a cell phone. So I am recommending people try it on their laptops and desktops computers instead.

If you do have troubles though just write to me and I can work around the tech issues.

While working things out though this customer made some really lovely positive comments about mom’s art and they also shared a bit about their situation. With their permission I am posting it here:

I love that picture of the angels. My mom is in the last stage of dementia. And right before my dad died he asked when the angels were coming. I would love to buy a picture. Your mom was an amazing artist and she’s helping people now with her beautiful artwork.”-Anon

Obviously that was a very nice letter to get.

Ordering FYI’s

Hi all. We are having some sales come in, which is awesome! Most folks seems to be ordering the 7X9 print, which clocks in just south of $11.

One heads up to offer is that folks have had their transactions not go through initially when ordering via cell phone. I am unclear if this an Android or iPhone glitch. But either way, I’d recommend ordering via a laptop or desktop instead.

I am always around via the Contact page to help with transaction errors if they appear for you.

I have also decided to add a Story page. It will have all the same image as the Portfolio page. But because of how the Portfolio page must be formatted a certain way for the Fotomoto shop app to work…it’s limiting in terms of what I can say in the description of each piece of art.


Well…I have no idea how many people will find their way to this humble site but I hope that mom’s art gets out there in the world. At the very least more people will see it.

Here is a photo of Quinn, my son…Phyllis Morris’s grandson.

In this photo he was busy composing the song that is in the How To Order A Print video…a video that we used to have on this site but it was taken down once we changed how ordering works.

I shot and then did the narration on it. And since he likes to compose music on various instruments, I asked him to pitch in with his guitar. He immediately said yes and he spot composed “Starlit Fields” and recorded it in less than 2 hours.

Coincidentally, the beloved family Gibson guitar made in the 1950’s that he plays was one that my mom owned for a very long time and then she passed it along to Quinn when he was a young teen.

Here also is the set up that I use in order to take the shots for this site.

At this point there is only the one image. But more will be added until all of mom’s selected paintings are in one online location here. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter or blog so you don’t miss an announcement of new art coming out!

PROOF of being Almost Ready!!!

December 23rd, 1:50 PM.

I was going to go for a run outside or something but I am sitting here next to the Christmas Tree working on mom’s art site instead. Getting Fotomoto to integrate with this WordPress site was a bear to wrestle! But about 30 minutes ago I finally figured it out with some help from tech support at Fotomoto.

So here is where things are at:

  • site pages basically done
  • store set up
  • first proof prints of “Starlit Fields” painting ordered for delivery to our home so that we can verify that what you will be ordering looks as much like the original as possible
  • once those proofs arrive, if all looks well then I will officially open the store for the sale of Starlit Fields (mom’s first painting available here on this site, which bears the same name as the site)
  • for every painting thereafter the process will be the same. Hi quality digital image taken, editing done, sent for proof printing, once approved then ready for sale

Make sure to sign up for our newsletter. Look at the footer of each page and you will see a newsletter sign up. Once you are on the list I will email every person on that list as soon as a new painting is ready for sale.

I am also about to set up a call with the seminary related to mom’s Christian Community. Apparently with covid19 stuff they are really strapped for $$. So I am going to chat with them about how best to donate the funds directly to them as soon as art is selling here.