New Image: Katie


This is my mother’s sister, Katie. Katie preceded my mother in death by about 2 years. Katie was the long time house manager for the Ronald MacDonald House in Atlanta, GA. At her funeral many showed up to express their gratitude for her work there and literally described her as an earthbound angel. Mom painted this one fairly close to the end. I especially like the ethereal waves and swirling colors of this one.

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New Image: Birch Tree


At the very beginning of mom taking up pastels in her last few months of life she just had this overwhelming compulsion to start. She didn’t have a sense of talking to angels yet or visions of the afterlife or heaven. She just kept saying that she had to start painting again and that it was important but didn’t know why. She did two preliminary paintings. This was one of them.

All of mom’s art can be purchased as prints and other items at

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New Image: Flower Field

Flower Field

Definitely one of my favorites and one of mom’s too. “Exactly what it looks like” is what she would say, in reference to this being one of the main gardens in Heaven that she saw. Remember, all of mom’s art will be uploaded to this site eventually but can only be viewed here. If you want to own one of mom’s prints then that can be purchased on Smugmug HERE.

New Images: Arrivals & Bright Angel


Mom called every single painting of angels -“gestures”. She was driven to try to capture the way that they moved and interacted with the world around them. What do their motions look like? She would “see” it and then try to illustrate it. This painting has more angels in it than any other that she did. The more you look at this one the more movement you can see, as well as a lot of hidden things in the cloud and flower structures. This is also, I believe, telling a story that begins on the lower right and moves counter clockwise. But I am just guessing.

Bright Angel

This image is a bit of a mystery. I know that mom explained it to me but I was probably running on about 3 hours of sleep for the 5th day in a row. I think that the angel in yellow is her mom. But on the right you can see a greenish shawl or perhaps a second angel. I only see one set of feet though. The thing that really makes this image pop though is how bright the yellows are in the original. Hence the title.

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New Image: Tree And Flower

What can I say? I am not very creative when it comes to choosing cool names for mom’s art. So this one is just called “Tree and Flower”. I have included in this post the image and a really neat bonus…a shot that I took of Mom as she painted this very painting. It is the one on the far left in process. In this you can see how many layers of color must have been added to arrive at the final piece of art. Mom is wearing special rubber coatings on her fingers. These are to keep the pastel chalk from smearing as badly when her fingers hit the paper (I think?) but also to keep her fingers from totally coated with chalk. She is giving a “thumbs up!” in this photo. I didn’t take many photos of her painting. She hated to be disturbed. But when I saw that she was painting THREE paintings all at the same time it was sort of mind blowing. At this stage she was definitely within a few weeks of dying. So the fact that she was able to create and work on three at once, while not even remembering if she had eaten lunch, or just taken her pills…it’s really remarkable.

“Tree and Flower” is the one on the far left.

New Image: Rainbow Garden

Happy Monday. I call this one “Rainbow Garden” When mom began doing all this art, it was actually something I barely noticed or thought was interesting. I was so fried and exhausted from being her primary caretaker through all of her chemorad and through all of the intense anger coming at me that was fueled by her dementia…Her doing art meant one thing to me: I get to watch Netflix uninterrupted. I hate to say that was true for me but that’s how it was. It took me a while to see her art as amazing. I am still in that process now actually.

But when she turned out this one and she called me into the room to see it I was like “what? holy smokes!” I could tell that she was not just doodling. This one really felt to me, like underneath all the cancer and dementia, that mom was definitely tapping into something incredible and unusual.

I’d just never seen such a wild looking place so filled with color. It seemed otherworldly and also totally believable.

I am sure she handed this to me and said the usual “Now Charlie…I am telling you that this is what they showed me today. Isn’t it amazing there? So you put that on the kitchen table with the others. But don’t spray it with fixative yet. I will have to look at it tomorrow when I am not so tired.” Then she’d be asleep within 10 minutes, totally exhausted from the effort of painting with shaking hands and one eye open-for about 6 hours straight.

Smugmug Happiness

I am already so so glad that I switched to Smugmug. All along people were asking for options like…

“Can I get one of your mom’s paintings printed on a…”:

-coffee mug
-jigsaw puzzle
-deck of cards

I am thrilled to report that now you can! Smugmug allows all these options and more. Here is a screenshot of what it generally looks like once you start looking around.

Pretty darn excited to have this turn of events…

Switching to Smugmug for printing!

Hi all. I had my son review some of the images on this site, on his cell phone today. He indicated that he could not easily tell how to go about buying anything from the interface. He is 23 and very tech savvy. I had already known that selling images through this site would be a bit tricky. But I finally realized that my current shopping cart solution was just too clunky. I needed something that could work on a mobile device AND a laptop equally.

So…I grudgingly put on my thinking cap and went to work setting up the gallery via Smugmug – specifically for those who want to be able to easily purchase mom’s art.

This will always be the main site, the first to be updated with new art. And then I will just have click through links to where anyone can purchase the art in just about any format they wish. The main reason I don’t switch everything over to Smugmug is that it’s blogging capabilities are nil and you can’t do things like add extra pages with information easily or at all.

I do like the new gallery layout there though because it displays the name/description/exif info. And the options of what you can buy are tremendous!

Furthermore, many have been asking about turning this art into a coffee table book or a calendar. All of these options are possible through Smugmug. They can be custom chosen by the customer. I will also create a home designed coffee table book for purchase once all the paintings are digitized.

Take a look!