New Image: Tree And Flower

What can I say? I am not very creative when it comes to choosing cool names for mom’s art. So this one is just called “Tree and Flower”. I have included in this post the image and a really neat bonus…a shot that I took of Mom as she painted this very painting. It is the one on the far left in process. In this you can see how many layers of color must have been added to arrive at the final piece of art. Mom is wearing special rubber coatings on her fingers. These are to keep the pastel chalk from smearing as badly when her fingers hit the paper (I think?) but also to keep her fingers from totally coated with chalk. She is giving a “thumbs up!” in this photo. I didn’t take many photos of her painting. She hated to be disturbed. But when I saw that she was painting THREE paintings all at the same time it was sort of mind blowing. At this stage she was definitely within a few weeks of dying. So the fact that she was able to create and work on three at once, while not even remembering if she had eaten lunch, or just taken her pills…it’s really remarkable.

“Tree and Flower” is the one on the far left.


Phyllis Morris passed away at the age of 76 on October 21st, 2020. At the end of her life she had early onset dementia, Stage 4 cancer in her spine and also in her brain. During her last months she began painting with pastels daily. This art is now for sale with the proceeds going to her favorite group, the Christian Community, which is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy.

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