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As I post these in different places online, per mom’s wishes, I have to say that I am floored at the positive response the images are getting. I also get a lot of questions about how these were made. Mom did layers of pastel. Many artists do this on purpose. Mom did not. Part of what this art can do is help people but also raise awareness of how dementia affects people. I mentioned in a post that the layering wasn’t an artistic choice. That’s the irony of it. Many of these paintings have entire different paintings underneath them. Completed works, totally covered over. She’d look at a piece she had finished (the next day) and say “oh this is awful, did I paint this? I have to fix this right now, get the pastels Charlie.” and I’d say “but mom, we already sprayed the fixative on it, you said you loved it…” and she’d look at me “what? I would never say that, you are crazy…get me the pastels.” So a lot of what we are seeing in this images is the result of dementia combined with her visions of heaven. Her forgetfulness combined with her creativity literally created these paintings. At times it was hard to see her cover up a really wonderful painting.


Phyllis Morris passed away at the age of 76 on October 21st, 2020. At the end of her life she had early onset dementia, Stage 4 cancer in her spine and also in her brain. During her last months she began painting with pastels daily. This art is now for sale with the proceeds going to her favorite group, the Christian Community, which is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy.

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