Bountiful Rest & Angel Sisters

Two new prints have been added as of today! They are enabled for purchasing and all set!

Bountiful Rest

This one we are calling Bountiful Rest. Another of the gardens mom said that angels were showing her.

Angel Sisters

This one is of mom and her sister. Her sister preceded her in death by about 3 years and mom imagined this is what a reunion would be like.


Phyllis Morris passed away at the age of 76 on October 21st, 2020. At the end of her life she had early onset dementia, Stage 4 cancer in her spine and also in her brain. During her last months she began painting with pastels daily. This art is now for sale with the proceeds going to her favorite group, the Christian Community, which is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy.

3 thoughts on “Bountiful Rest & Angel Sisters

  1. Hi Kim!
    I just emailed you before seeing this note. I will say it again here though…I am so happy that you ordered the Angel Sisters! I think they are really stunning and hope you are just as happy with your prints as I was when I received mine this week 🙂 I hope that the images bring your and LO’s a measure of comfort. Which is exactly what my mom was hoping that her art might do for others. 🙂


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