Phyllis’s Art

Phyllis Morris was a mother of two sons, a grandma to two loving grandkids, a wife of nearly 60 years, an educator, an Anthroposophical spiritualist, a painter and loved being outdoors.

The Angel Paintings

Update: All of Phyllis’s art can be purchased at (

What was remarkable about Phyllis (one of the things) is that during her final months of life (Fall of 2020), while essentially bedridden, in intense pain, with spine cancer, and brain cancer-and fighting against dementia…she began painting with pastels. She would do this for up to 6 hours a day until exhausted. She felt she was being guided by angels to show to others (and to herself) where it was that she was going to be going to, in the afterlife. She painted fields, “gardens of anticipation” and the people she was sure to meet there. She felt strongly that her art could help people feel more at ease about the dying process. Phyllis wanted the art to be seen and used for something good. This site is the result of that effort, where the art is for sale as prints. 2/20/21-MORE OF HER ART IS STILL BEING ADDED TO THIS SITE! The site is run by her son, Charlie.

Where The Funds Will Go

The proceeds are being donated to mom’s favorite charity, The Christian Community. The money will support the travel expenses of the priests, training, etc to keep the community going. Read more about it HERE.

The Early Paintings

Before Phyllis became ill, she had trained for many years as a watercolor painter. Her original introduction to this art form was in Okinawa, Japan in 1969. She also enjoyed pen and ink. She was often inspired by the Anthroposophical approach to meditation, prayer and art. After Phyllis passed away her children and grandchildren uncovered many hidden works from her earlier years. So these have been added to the collection to give people even more art to choose from. Also, it’s no good to have great art hidden in a backroom, so at least here it can be seen by others.

Her Health Story

Phyllis began struggling with early onset dementia related issues beginning at the age of 74 (in 2018). Then, in September of 2019, just before she would turn 75, she was diagnosed with Extra Mammary Padget’s Disease; a rare form of cancer. In October of 2019 she began extensive radiation and chemotherapy. Unfortunately the cancer then spread to her spine and by September it had spread to her brain as well. She passed away on October 21 2020.

A snapshot I took of mom as she painted in bed.